antique chairs Jacob & Josef Kohn no. 67 310 Euros/pcs

A unique pair of chairs from the company Jacob & Josef Kohn, which was founded in 1850 in Vsetín. These are exceptional models that can be characterized as art objects rather than ordinary chairs. Beautiful art nouveau decorative elements on the backs and seats. All original. The chairs are preserved with shellac polish, so there is a certain authenticity to them. Their condition is excellent and they can be used without any problems.

These almost identical chairs can be found in catalogs from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. These are probably chairs under the designation nr.67. This is a very rare model that is very rarely seen.

A beautiful art object will be appreciated by collectors and lovers of bent furniture.

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Dimensions: 96 x 42 x 41 cm
Period: cca 1900
Manufactured by: Jacob & Josef Kohn
Shipping: EU