unique Vertex set 380 €

Unique fiberglass laminate set. Vertex chair by Miroslav Navratil sometimes appears, but very rarely together with a table! The base of the table is sufficient, minimalist and supertemporal.

Fiberglass chairs with a metal base designed by Miroslav Navratil for the company Vertex in 1959. Maybe you remember them from the Tatra T3 tram. This is a very desirable model that will be appreciated by every admirer of quality design.

The table is square-shaped 65 × 65 cm and its height is 72 cm. It is after partial renovation and in very good condition.

The chair is in original condition with a natural patina. Few imperfection (spots) on the seat.

We sell only as a set. However, it is possible to buy two red Vertex chairs, which we also have on offer.

Price per set (table + chair) is 380 Euros.

Dimensions: chair - 45 × 78 × 43 cm, table - 65 × 65 × h 72cm
Design: Miroslav Navratil
Period: 60s of the 20th century
Material: fiberglass laminate, metal
Manufactured by: Vertex - Czechoslovakia
Shipping: EU